I'm a software engineer who's responsible for designing and developing distributed applications built on top of cutting-edge technologies with interest in Microservices, DDD, Event Sourcing, and Clean Architecture. I mainly develop using .Net and Angular and Microservices but would love to work with new languages and technologies wherever an opportunity presents itself. I am a continuous learner and strives for perfection. I work primarily with ASP.NET Core and Angular to help produce products at System Group.

Outside of my work at System Group, I maintain a strong interest and enthusiasm for developing open source project and I'm an active open source contributor working on numerous projects related to microservices, distributed systems, modular monoliths, DDD, Event Sourcing, and Clean Architecture.

I consume many blog posts, and videos to learn about the new technologies available to me. I’m very focused on the new technologies in .Net Core, Microservice and Cloud Architecture.

I this blog where I write about everything that currently excites me. Most of them are related to .NET Core, Microservices and DDD.

When not coding or learning about coding, I enjoy football, photography and producing music :)